Blacksmithing and metalwork

Reproduction 1860  hinges, hasps and latches for Fort Henry



Replica elevation screw hand wheel for 1860 Armstrong 6 Pdr. field gun

Cast in bronze to match the original

Armstrong field gun drop leg fittings

Cast lead spline weights or "ducks" for teaching boat drawing and lofting courses

The pattern was carved from mahogany and painted with hard enamel.  The pattern was pressed into damp sand and gently removed.  Molten lead from an old ballast keel was poured in the hole.  After cooling, the bottoms were trimmed flat with a power plane.  Hooks are 3/16" brass rod epoxied into a drilled hole.  the ducks were primed and painted and leather pads glued to the bottoms.

The spline weights were used for teaching marine drafting and lofting to boatbuilding apprentices in an aluminum boatbuilding apprenticeship program.