Doors and Stairs

Mahogany entrance door and entranceway. 


Curved doors to fit a curved wall

Vacuum laminating the curved panels

Compass-planing the assembled frames.  Thanks for the plane Stan Glover!


Doors to match original ones found in the restoration of an 1840's stone house

The mortise-and-tenon joints that hold the doors together are pulled tight with offset draw-bore pins, then glued wedges are driven into saw kerfs in the tenons to prevent them ever coming loose.

Carriage house doors


Here's a window made for the basement of a mid-19th century house in Montreal.  It matches the existing windows, but has a side panel in the frame so that heating system vents can be installed without having to drill through the stone foundation or impede the function and appearance of the window.

The sash detailing is copied from the originals, which are rabbeted on both sides to allow double glazing.  

The mortice & tenon joints of the sash are locked by draw boring with oak pins


Winder staircase with housed stringers. Click here to find out more.

Shipladder staircases

A regular one and a "Thomas Jefferson" shipladder staircase