Barrack Room Shelves

for Fort Henry National Historic Site, 2017

Fort Henry wanted these original shelves (above) with wrought iron brackets and 10-inch long turned hanging pegs, replicated and installed in five soldiers' barrack rooms (below) used for their overnight camp programs.

Five barrack rooms needed the shelves installed, for a total of 260 feet of shelving, requiring 60 brackets and 260 pegs.

The pegs are mounted in a rail that is supported by a bent loop attached to the brackets.  The loop is attached to the bracket with a mortise and tenon joint.  On the originals, the tenon is peened over on the back side to secure it in place.  The diagonal supports are also tenoned through the bracket.  Martin Welding & Fabricating did a great job of replicating the brackets.

The pegs are 1-3/4 inches in diameter x 10 inches long with a 1-inch tenon for installing in the rail.  260 of them were needed.  Martin Woodturning provided very fast and accurate service in replicating and delivering these pegs.

Everything was pre-painted and pre-drilled in the shop.

Brackets were aligned with a laser level and fastened to the walls with square-head lag screws.  Every effort was made to put fastenings into mortar joints, where the holes are easily repairable, rather than into the limestone blocks.