Recent Projects

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May 2019,  Wood Canvas Canoe Restoration course at the Canadian Canoe Museum

Joe taught a 2-day  cedar/canvas canoe restoration course at Peterborough's Canadian Canoe Museum.
Another one is scheduled for May 30-31 2020.  Details are HERE 

Spring 2019,   Feature article on Batteau travel on the St Lawrence River in Canada's History  Magazine

The article, titled "The Unbeatable Batteau" presents the lives of the batteaumen as described by early travelers on the route between Montreal and Lake Ontario.  

Fall 2018,  Carpentry course

Joe designed this 8x12 garden shed and led a 40-hour introductory carpentry class through building it 

July 2018,   James Bay Railway traveling canoe  built in cedar & canvas to plans drawn in 1911 by H.K. Wicksteed, chief surveying engineer for the construction of the Canadian Northern Railway.

June 2018,  Wooden mast repair:  steaming apart and re-gluing a hollow wooden mast.

February 2018,   Japanese tatami room

Fall 2017,  Teaching woodworking:  wooden stools

September 2017,  

Presentation on Boatbuilding Apprenticeship Programs given at The International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference, Tampa, Florida.

Presentation covered: General overview of apprenticeship, the logistics of setting up a new program, and findings from recent research on the return on investment for employers investing in apprenticeship programs.

June 2017, Staircase with winders

May 2017, Hollow wooden mast for 1936 KLB sailboat built in Copenhagen, Denmark


October 2016, Article published:  Jean Fontaine, the First Boatbuilding Apprentice on the Great Lakes

March 2016, Cannon carriage restoration for Fort Henry National Historic Site